Bulletproof backpacks – Perhaps the start of a whole new section in Toys R Us

Apparently, some brilliants folks created bulletproof backpacks and in today’s climate, they are selling off the racks. Talk about right place, right time. With cowards and mental cases possibly being inspired by what happened in Newtown, every parent is more on edge about sending their kids to school than ever before. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to buy one but this also had me thinking of an entirely new industry for these sad times – k id protection items.  Imagine your next stop at Toys R Us or Walmart being video games, an RC car, Legos, and Kevlar Spongebob shirt.  As one who believes in protection of the family, here are the top wish list items I would buy in a heartbeat for my kids or their teachers:

  1. Bulletproof backpack (available here)
  2. Bulletproof but stylish clothes (kid armor also found here)
  3. Shoes with enclosed first aid kit
  4. For every classroom – bulletproof helmets which can be slipped on once Lockdown alarm is sounded
  5. Tasers for teachers (come on and let’s give these poor teachers a chance against these monsters)
  6. Little mini Chuck Norris’s in every classroom.

Sad that we have talk about any of this but it’s every parents responsibility to keep their kid as safe as possible with the changing times. I wish in all my heart that the I could say that the Newtown tragedy was an isolated incident but such mass shootings by disgruntled individuals seem to be a growing menace.


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