Spike Lee Doesn’t Like (I Mean Approve Of) Django Unchained

I recently shared my positive thoughts on Django Unchained and now famous Black director Spike Lee has criticized the movie, having not seen it,  for turning the subject of slavery into a spaghetti western. This is the kind of oppression of artistic expression BlackNEKS fight against.  The idea that subjects are so sacred that they can only be explored from an approved angle ironically kills the subject from ever being talked about. We can’t let Gone with the Wind and  the great Roots or derivatives of such be the only explorations of this time period. Thankfully, Lincoln gave us a fresh historical take, but Tarantino is getting a new generation interested in a period they’ve never probably put a single thought into. I’m reminded of mentally and physically disabled character Timmy on the animated show South Park, a character political correctness would say we should respect by ignoring. People would rather never have such a character on a show unless the show is about the disability itself. In a strange way, this aims to keep such people from the public’s eye. I honestly wonder if Spike Lee would have less of a problem with the movie if it was done by a Black director. As a fan of many of Spike’s works, I find it disappointing that such a director known for original and powerful storytelling (see Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X) would become an artistic grump. What bothers me more is that Spike has the power to make movies and can do his own story on slavery at any time. I had a feeling this movie would cause this kind of controversy but say controversy is a good sign of making a significant change of direction.

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