PROTECT: Parts Of A Gun

Believe it or not, I am just starting to learn about firearms and their proper use. I wanted to write something about the gun used in some of the recent tragedies, the Bushmaster AR 15 but I know nothing of gun vocabulary to even pass on basic info. I found the diagram below on a ‘prepper‘ website. These websites and people believe in hardcore prepping for some possible event which breaks down all of societies laws and order, creating a Wild Wild West for food and resources. So they take protecting the family to the extreme.

1. Barrel. The barrel is the part the bullet moves through after it is fired. The muzzle is the open end of the barrel that the bullet exits the gun through.

2. Action. The action is the part that has the mechanism that fires the bullet. My rifle picture is a bolt action. There are also lever action, semi automatic, break action single shot rifles. The top handgun is a semi automatic. The bottom is a revolver.

3. Grip or Stock. The grip or stock is the part you hold onto. Generally it’s a grip on a handgun and a stock on a long gun.

4. Trigger Guard. The piece around the trigger that protects it from getting bumped.

5. Trigger. The part your finger pulls to make the gun fire.

6. Sights. Sights come in various styles also. Most firearms have a front sight at the muzzle end of the barrel, and a rear sight at the back end of the barrel. Funny thing, the rifle picture I used has no sights (it wants a scope real badly) so I just put the arrows approximately where the sights would be if it had them.”


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