BlackNEKS -Importance of Adoption

In another recent story (see below), Russia has banned Americans from adopting their kids. There are arguments for the decision being a form of political retaliation. But it brings up a good opportunity to discuss the importance of adoption in the world of BlackNEKS. Every kid, adopted or not, is going to have some impact on society. We hope that they all contribute positively in some manner, but others find themselves surviving through criminal means and headed in self-harming directions. That is why it is a wonderful thing to adopt a kid and teach them skills so that they can benefit  their community and make stable family units as adults. Of course, we all aren’t in the best position to assist in this manner but if you really want to do a community service, definitely place it under consideration. Under the SERVE menu tap, we will be adding links to basic adoption websites to assist you in this goal.

In regard to the Russian story below, I was always confused as to why Americans adopt kids from foreign countries when so many homegrown children need families and love. I had assumed that it was mainly racism since so many young children in adoption agencies were Black. But it is much more complicated than that. By the way, it is cheaper to adopt a minority child and even more so if the child has special needs. As someone who was once considering adoption, I learned that there is less red tape to adopt outside of the US. Also, foreign adoptions reduce the chances of re-involvement of the biological family. Finally, while a kid in an American adoption agency needs a home and family, they are still at least in America. Some of these kids in foreign countries are dealing with lives torn by war and 3rd world poverty, where they are at risk for the worst kinds of evil imaginable. One more important factor is that it can seem as intimidating for a White family to adopt and raise a Black child as it would be for a Black family to adopt and raise a White child. This has less to do with racism and more to do with personal comfort level. So, I can best conclude now that adoption is a deeply personal decision and however way you decide to do it, either your community in particular or the world as a whole benefits.

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