BlackNEKS QBs Flood the NFL

There were a number of teams with Black  QB’s this past NFL season. This is nothing particularly groundbreaking, but what has really struck me are the men behind the masks. BlackNEKs is fully against lazily allowing athletes to serve as your child’s role models simply because they can do something special with a ball.  As parents, you should hope to be the primary role model in their lives, but if there are going to be others who your kid idolizes, push them to those athletes and celebrities doing good things in all phases of their lives. This brings me to some of the remarkable young men leading their NFL teams during this season. What stands out about them is that they are leaders on and off the field. They are proud to be able to speak well and show a high level of education. They seem to be grounded and family oriented, as opposed to ‘making it rain’ at strip clubs with posses. And three of the young men below are actually leading their teams to playoff births in only their first or second years in the league.  Now I have no idea if these guys are boy scouts or not. But they do show that  you can be a leader on the field and take care of business in the classroom too, and there is no conflict in manhood by doing both.

Colin Kaepernick  – San Francisco 49ers

Highlights: Two time WAC All-ACADEMIC team winner in college. Won the starting job and has the 49ers finally looking as good on offense as they are on defense. 2012 Record of 11-4 and playoff bound.

Josh Freeman – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Highlights: 2012- set team record for passing yards and TD’s. 3.1 GPA in college.

Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

Highlights: 2011 Arthur Ashe Sports Scholar of the Year. 4.0 GPA as a graduate student. 2012 record 11-5 and playoff bound. Tied record for most TD’s by a rookie.

Robert Griffin III – Washington Redskins

Highlights: 4.0 GPA and already has Masters degree. 2012 record 10-6 and playoff bound. Set records for rookie passing rating and number of interceptions (5).

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