Gun Law Proposals Don’t Seem Effective Against The Primary Problem

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, many politicians and gun advocates are proposing ideas and laws to prevent such gun violence in the future. These basically are coming down to stronger and more required background checks and improvements in the evaluation and treatment of mental illness. But when it comes to background checks and mental illness, these proposals seem to be missing the obvious: none of them would have prevented the shootings such as those at Newtown or Columbine. These crimes were done by kids who snapped. We are not talking about life long criminals, but people who lose all sense of a moral compass. These shooters had no past felonies and appeared to be functioning (though maybe anti-social)  students or workers in society. More over, in the case of Newtown, the shooter didn’t even use guns he owned. So, while all of these proposals might have a good effect as we don’t want felons and the mentally unstable getting a hold of guns, I’m not seeing the actual problem being addressed. Unfortunately, unless we create some type of Person of Interest system for monitoring all behavior to look for sudden changes and escalations, it’s going to be difficult to get a jump on such individuals. I did hear of someone who suggested making new gun mechanisms which would disable the gun around schools, malls, and other places of large gatherings. This sounds the most promising.

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