This blog is about celebrating another form of being a strong black man. For too long this has been defined by being strongly urban and about the streets. If you took education too seriously, spend money on other things than the latest fashion. pursued non-urban goals and activities, then you were not seen as being really black or black enough. We are pushing the idea of a strong black man as on who takes on responsibilities, is there for his family physically and financially, and embraces the skills and learning needed to support his family in the long term (a real job as opposed to criminal activity). These black men protect the family unit, help out their community, and avoid as much as possible raising families in the moral bankruptcy of major cities and the ‘hood’.  These black men completely reject health hazardous behaviors and the drug culture. These black men aim to be completely self-reliant, not blaming others for their shortcomings or being victims.  Such black men are the future. Such black men are BlackNEKS.

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