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The Hadiya Principle: Don’t Raise Your Kids In Drug Markets

Hadiya Pendleton was a girl who had the world to look forward to. An honor student, she performed as a drum majorette during President Obama’s inauguration, only to be killed unintentionally by thugs involved with Chicago’s out of control drug gang violence. Her guardians did everything right and her future was bright, but cut short for being in the wrong place and the wrong time. And this is the problem with trying to do anything good in open drug markets. Open up a business and it gets robbed. Fix up a house and it gets burglarized. Raise kids to be successful and they get harassed, assaulted, and possibly killed. Our hearts go out to the families of this girl and all the children getting killed only due to living in drug crime areas. When you are deciding where to buy your house or live longterm, remember to also keep in mind any children you might be having in the future. Why let all the love and hard work and great parenting go to tragic waste because of a street thug’s itchy trigger.

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Inauguration – President Obama Part 2 (This Time It’s Personal)

Well here is wishing a positive four years for our country and nothing but success for our re-elected president. I watched as much of the inauguration as I could and couldn’t help but notice the large number of young, Black people enjoying the day.  Now, I know the appeal of having a Black president is a big draw for many such supporters, but I am hopeful of a long term effect here. These voters might now feel that they are part of the political process instead of being on the outside looking in, and that they have a part in setting the direction of a country they are a part of. More importantly, it will be great if this effect last beyond Obama and beyond just presidential elections.

Another highlight I took from the day was what gorgeous and confident young women Sasha and Malia Obama have become. The thought dawned on me that every culture throughout history has had some sort of princess figure of grace and dignity and beauty to look up to and emulate. I am sure the cultures of our African ancestors provided this in abundance but of course slavery robbed us of that and much more. But as you look at the rate of black teen pregnancies and the way many of our young women are dressing, we are definitely in need of such role models. So, I very much look at these two girls as the first African-American princesses and am hoping that many girls are seeing them as the same.

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Laina Dawes – What Are You Doing Here?

Laina Dawes likes heavy metal. No. She loves heavy metal. And she’s a Black woman. When I heard her radio interview today on National Public Radio (NPR), I was instantly wanting to know more about this awesome BlackNEK lady hero. She shared her experience getting hate from Whites at heavy metal concerts and just as much hate from Blacks who questioned her race authenticity. This is a familiarly sad story often repeated by fellow BlackNEKs and one of the reasons this blog exist. A Black person who listens to rap is no more or less Black than one who listens to heavy metal or classical or Irish folk songs for that matter. This prison of life experiences some require us to submit to in order to demonstrate our racial essence is the utmost foolishness and has to stop. The name of Laina Dawes’ book is What are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal.  This is a question we routinely have been asked from Whites and Blacks when breaking ground and exploring new territories. Certainly, Rosa Parks received this question. Certainly, the first Black students integrating schools did. Tiger Woods…Arthur Ashe…Charlie Pride…Barrak Obama…they have all taken this question on at one point or another. While heavy metal might be a little too headache inducing for my taste, Laina Dawes is a modern day torchbearer for BlackNEK values. Do whatever you want and don’t let the foolish idea of some how losing your Blackness limit your dreams.

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Memorable 2012 BlackNEK Moments – Stacey Dash Gets Blasted For Supporting Romney

I will say from the start that I am a bit biased about this subject, as I have thought Stacey Dash to be one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet and she still is quite stunning.  But Mrs.Dash in the minds of many liberals and Blacks did the most unforgivable of acts; she supported the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during this year’s election race. What was amazing about the reaction once she came out publicly was that it revealed the intense and venomous social pressure Blacks face to be an independent, political thinker. As a woman and African-American, she is not suppose to consider the candidates in the eyes of many. She is not supposed to exercise her right as an American citizen to choose and vote as she sees fit. She is supposed to be purchased and owned by one political party and political leaning for all eternity. Again, this is not a partisan blog but we will fight for the right of people to choose their politics. Here is a sample of the love and kindness tweeted her way:

We never have and never will agree on one political direction for the country. These civil disagreements between passionate Americans are what makes this country so great. But we have to get rid of this political intimidation which says ‘Black=democrat’ and ‘black non-democrat=sell out’.  I was proud of Stacey for making such a public stance and hope she serves as a role model to others to stand for what you believe and celebrate your freedom as an American to do so.

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2012 BlackNEK Favorite Moments- Gabrielle Douglas

Gabrielle Douglas became the first African-American to win the Best All Around Olympic gymnastic medal this past summer. She was grace and energy and intelligence and hardwork, packed into a little dynamo. And after her winning performance, the immediate response from within were comments about how she was doing her hair.  Gabby had nothing to worry about because she knew there are many women with great $100 hair styles who have not come near her accomplishments in life.  Her family sacrificed so she could get the training and skills needed to reach the mountain top. While I personally wouldn’t recommend such a financial gamble towards areas of sports and arts with few guarantees of long term financial success, I am glad it worked out for them. Congrats, Gabby, on a fantastic year.


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