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Woman Has World’s Biggest Hips – Good Time To Talk About Health vs Size

The recent story below is about a woman with the widest recorded hip diameter known. It’s a headline which raises another major question in our community.

What size should the ideal attractive woman be? This question has varied by culture and times. Traditionally, the view has it that Black and Hispanic cultures view curvy and voluptuous shapes as more attractive, especially when those curves on on the lower half the body. This might be most famously summarized by his heinous, Sir Mix O’lot:


But White and Asian cultures are thought to see a more slender shape as ideal. I don’t really know how long that has been true for White Western cultures though. It could very well be connected with the improvements in health care and living standards over the past 50 years, making wide hips and a good amount of body fat no longer necessary for surviving child birth, cold weather, and food shortages. But if you look at the classic White pin up girls and icons of beauty before 1960, they were all curvy women:


Even ancient ideals of beauty in these cultures involved curvy women:

Interestingly though, starting in the 90’s. because of the impact of Hip Hop on White culture I believe, this ideal began to change.Suddenly, having a curvy rear end went from something to be ashamed of and avoided to being embraced as attractive, as represented by this country music video below by Trace Adkins (yes I managed to put Sir Mix O’lot and Trace Adkins in the same post):

But is there a point where too much jiggle can be bad for health? While I’m not going to say what anyone’s ideal body type should be, we all need to make sure that we are being physically active and doing good things for our heart. Fried, sweetened, and processed foods have been scientifically proven to be bad for our overall health. You can be a very curvy woman and still regularly exercise, and many do. So my concern isn’t rather the plus sized model is attractive or not, as many men will find her to be. And I do think it’s great that she is all about self-esteem and feeling good. Weight gain and body proportions are as much related to genetics as they are by behavior so we all should keep that in mind when we see people with unusual sizes. But being a Black woman in a culture in which rear end size is celebrated, the story does open a path to further discussion on health versus size. Women ultimately should do what’s best for their health and not worry about any ideas of what’s beautiful or not. We need to push this instead of the idea that simply having curves but not exercising and eating well is okay. It might be okay in the short term but will be devastating long term. Other than that, everyone’s body is unique and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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Banks To Pay For Foreclosure Abuses – Importance of Housing

Ten banks have been ordered to pay 8.5 billion dollars to victims of rushed foreclosures with faulty paperwork from 2009 and 2010.  Since this blog started after the worst of the housing crisis, I wanted to touch on it a bit. The reason we got into this crisis to begin with was that mortgage lenders were handing out loans like they were candy, many with non-fixed interest rates which increased each year.  Many of these loans were given to people with poor credit or in circumspect financial situations.

But housing is an absolutely critical topic for BlackNEKs trying to raise a successful family. Where you have your family determines the schools your kids will attend, the friends they will have, and the activities conducted by other adults living in that area. When you move into a highly populated area, such as a large apartment complex or urban community, you are basically gambling with your family’s future. Your hope is that all the families near you are doing a good job of raising their kids and are engaged in positive activities. Even if this was the case for 80% of your neighbors, that 20% will inevitably hurt the quality of life for your family through juvenile delinquency, crime, and blight. Keep in mind that for a dense neighborhood, the poorly raised kid will have frequent interaction with your kid, and this will be either as a bully or a negative role model. Also, as BlackNEKs work towards self-sufficiency and wise use of money, the superficial values of urban life won’t be of any help to your kids. For these reasons, it is of course ideal to raise your family in a low density area such as in suburbs or the country. I think this is so important that if you find yourself living in an urban area, it might be advised to save to move to a better location before starting a family. Once you have lost your kid to the pull of the street life, it is hard to bring them back.

Obviously, there are many factors people consider when deciding where to live and raise a family, such as available transportation to jobs, closeness to relatives, and housing affordability. And though we all want to live some place nicer, we do have to remember to avoid the pulls and snares of loans which seem too good to be true. Better to live humbly within your means than go into major debt. But as best as you can, the BlackNEK should get the best housing in the lowest population density that they can afford which is still near jobs and educational opportunities.


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Happy New Year- Celebrate Health

Be safe as always as you bring in the New Year. I honestly am wary of the large crowd celebrations in these unpredictable times and would prefer just a simple gathering of friends and family. As you make your resolutions, think of ones you can keep permanently as lifestyle changes. BlackNEKS should aim to be available for their family, which means being in reasonably good health. You can’t help or protect if you can’t even get off the couch. My goal for this year will be to quit soda cold turkey. The bad health affects of sugary drinks are well documented and contribute to our overall obesity levels. Wishing everyone a great 2013.

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