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A View of the IRS Scandal You Won’t Read Anywhere Else

You have to love the politics in Washington. Any slip up or sign of blood and the sharks converge without mercy. So, the latest news inside our seat of government involves lower level IRS officials needlessly delaying or deny non-profit tax status to applying groups with conservative sounding names (tea party, patriot, GUNS-GUNS-GUNS). Of course the republican and conservative talking heads are rallying the troops and tying it directly to Obama. At worst, this was a move sanctioned by the White House, though there is zero evidence of this. At best, Obama appears to be too distant to know the chaos happening under his watch.

Well, I’m sorry, conservatives, but there is no grand conspiracy here. The truth of the matter is that a unique set of circumstances led to this pattern of discrimination. No major media outlet will point this out because it isn’t PC but is obvious enough that Blackneks is on the case.  First, you have to understand the demographics of DC. Politics and government is the biggest employer in town. This is what attracted thousands of Blacks from the South looking for good paying jobs with terrific benefits. The draw was so big that the city became known as Chocolate City. Most of the entry and middle level government positions, including those in the IRS, are fill by Black workers. And the large majority of these are democratic voters. Now fast forward to today, where you not only have a democratic president, but the first Black one as well, and you can see how the IRS unofficially became an Obama fan club by default. With the independent power that this branch of government, the bias against those groups with anti-Obama agendas simply was a unique convergence of demographics and history. This was a case of Obama fans with low level power using it to support the Prez without anyone telling them to do so. Sadly, people will be fired over this, and the scandal will cast a shadow over the Obama term, but the President was more of a bystander than a conspirator. A major flaw in how the IRS works has been exposed and should trigger needed reforms, but there is nothing more to the story than that.

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Obama named Time’s Person of the Year

Congrats to Barak Obama for winning Time’s Person of the Year, mainly for winning reelection, reigning in our financial crisis, and being the right president at the right time for our diverse country. We are not a politically sided blog as one of our mission elements is to actually encourage more political diversity and acceptance within the Black community. But we do see Obama as the biggest, most covered BlackNEK in US history. Why? He is a stellar representative of being an excellent father, learner, community supporter, positive citizen, and good provider. Also, with his education, leadership, confidence, and speaking skills, he is showing millions of young black men that you can be a powerful, desirable man without being a street thug or womanizer. Most importantly, as the first Black president of the United States, he has made the Black community have to rethink the idea that you can’t be successful within the system. At the end of the day, Obama’s impact on Black America will be more influential than any other figure.

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