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In Honor Of Boston’s Heroes

Tragedies have a way of testing the resolve. The people of Boston and the men and women of law enforcement were tested in recent days with the terrorist act of the Boston marathon bombing. Though lives were lost, the threat was quickly resolved and we are left with further admiration for everything this country stands for and those who risk their lives to protect it. In honor of them, Blackneks wanted to highlight another hero who gave his life in Boston fighting for our freedom – Crispus Attucks.

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Soccer BlackNEK Takes A Stand – Racist Chants Cause Kevin-Prince Boateng To Walk Off Field

Ghanaian- German soccer player for AC Milan stopped a game against Pro Patria in an italian soccer match by walking off the field when a group of fans started making monkey sounds when he had the ball. Playing in mostly White countries has been a challenge for many Black players, as this article highlights some of the recent incidences of racism across Europe.  Many parts of Europe for the most part are still playing catch up to levels of tolerance and humanity already reached by diverse countries.  And the only Black face some of these individuals see on a regular basis is on the soccer field. So, like many sporting events, alcohol plus hatred towards the opposing team in general plus any ethnic differences equals expressions of racial ignorance. I admire these Black players for the bravery of just playing in such challenging situations, but Kevin-Prince Boateng might have just started a bigger movement against racism in the sport. Fans who display or tolerate such behavior shouldn’t get to enjoy soccer games like the rest of the civilized world. Soccer should start first with giving a win to the abused team and then team bans if their fans can’t get it together. There is nothing that works faster then when people are threatened with losing something they love. No matter what the best solution ultimately will be to solve this issue, thank you Kevin-Prince for helping to lead the way to zero tolerance.

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Laina Dawes – What Are You Doing Here?

Laina Dawes likes heavy metal. No. She loves heavy metal. And she’s a Black woman. When I heard her radio interview today on National Public Radio (NPR), I was instantly wanting to know more about this awesome BlackNEK lady hero. She shared her experience getting hate from Whites at heavy metal concerts and just as much hate from Blacks who questioned her race authenticity. This is a familiarly sad story often repeated by fellow BlackNEKs and one of the reasons this blog exist. A Black person who listens to rap is no more or less Black than one who listens to heavy metal or classical or Irish folk songs for that matter. This prison of life experiences some require us to submit to in order to demonstrate our racial essence is the utmost foolishness and has to stop. The name of Laina Dawes’ book is What are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal.  This is a question we routinely have been asked from Whites and Blacks when breaking ground and exploring new territories. Certainly, Rosa Parks received this question. Certainly, the first Black students integrating schools did. Tiger Woods…Arthur Ashe…Charlie Pride…Barrak Obama…they have all taken this question on at one point or another. While heavy metal might be a little too headache inducing for my taste, Laina Dawes is a modern day torchbearer for BlackNEK values. Do whatever you want and don’t let the foolish idea of some how losing your Blackness limit your dreams.

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Memorable 2012 BlackNEK Moments – Stacey Dash Gets Blasted For Supporting Romney

I will say from the start that I am a bit biased about this subject, as I have thought Stacey Dash to be one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet and she still is quite stunning.  But Mrs.Dash in the minds of many liberals and Blacks did the most unforgivable of acts; she supported the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during this year’s election race. What was amazing about the reaction once she came out publicly was that it revealed the intense and venomous social pressure Blacks face to be an independent, political thinker. As a woman and African-American, she is not suppose to consider the candidates in the eyes of many. She is not supposed to exercise her right as an American citizen to choose and vote as she sees fit. She is supposed to be purchased and owned by one political party and political leaning for all eternity. Again, this is not a partisan blog but we will fight for the right of people to choose their politics. Here is a sample of the love and kindness tweeted her way:

We never have and never will agree on one political direction for the country. These civil disagreements between passionate Americans are what makes this country so great. But we have to get rid of this political intimidation which says ‘Black=democrat’ and ‘black non-democrat=sell out’.  I was proud of Stacey for making such a public stance and hope she serves as a role model to others to stand for what you believe and celebrate your freedom as an American to do so.

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