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Inauguration – President Obama Part 2 (This Time It’s Personal)

Well here is wishing a positive four years for our country and nothing but success for our re-elected president. I watched as much of the inauguration as I could and couldn’t help but notice the large number of young, Black people enjoying the day. ┬áNow, I know the appeal of having a Black president is a big draw for many such supporters, but I am hopeful of a long term effect here. These voters might now feel that they are part of the political process instead of being on the outside looking in, and that they have a part in setting the direction of a country they are a part of. More importantly, it will be great if this effect last beyond Obama and beyond just presidential elections.

Another highlight I took from the day was what gorgeous and confident young women Sasha and Malia Obama have become. The thought dawned on me that every culture throughout history has had some sort of princess figure of grace and dignity and beauty to look up to and emulate. I am sure the cultures of our African ancestors provided this in abundance but of course slavery robbed us of that and much more. But as you look at the rate of black teen pregnancies and the way many of our young women are dressing, we are definitely in need of such role models. So, I very much look at these two girls as the first African-American princesses and am hoping that many girls are seeing them as the same.

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