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ENGAGE: Deception – Black FBI Agent Uncovers A Murder Mystery Amongst White Prestige

The new NBC show Deception, staring Meagan Good, features an FBI agent uncovering secrets involving the death of her best friend. We always like seeing beautiful, Black women in roles that showcase leadership and intelligence, but what particularly stood out to me was the highlights that featured her White male love interest. And the fact that the interracial romance doesn’t seem part of the story or the drama. Compared to the 70’s show The Jeffersons, where comments were made about race by the lead character every time the White man/ Black woman couple entered a scene, this is definitely progress.

Another such romance is featured on the ABC comedy Happy Endings. While it is great that such relationships are so accepted that they no longer are worth speaking of, I do think are sometimes used to give shows a modern feel like the show Modern Family which also features an interracial (Latina/White) relationship. Interracial relationships can be an easy way to insert diversity into a show. Lena Dunham followed this trend when she added a black boyfriend during the current season of the hit show Girls.

Just a side discussion, Lena Dunham may have felt pressured to do this because of the lack of diversity on a show set in Brooklyn.  The same criticism was aimed at Friends. I’ve never seen the big deal with this. Just because you have a show featuring an all Black or all White or all women cast doesn’t mean there is some underlying discrimination taking place.  Most of us have closest friends who share our cultural background. This isn’t some rare and untrue event. Forcing show producers to make shows more diverse then they envisioned is like someone knocking your door down and saying ‘Hey, see this person of an ethnic group unlike the people here…well you need to now have them as one of your friends or we will judge you negatively’. There is something about forced diversity that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Here are some opinions concerning Deception and what it says about race.

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