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Young Afro Rocks The Jeopardy World

I rarely catch Jeopardy but happened to tune in this past week during the teen tournament. There, I caught a towering young man rocking the most gnarly of Afros. This thing had a life of its own. I was glad to see a Black teen make it this far and no matter what happened, Mr.Leonard Cooper would be inspiring some young Black person out there to be proud to be smart. Many of us have had the experience of not appearing too smart and nerdy unless our ‘Blackness’ is questioned. What is terrible about such cultural actions is they are almost saying by default that being academically ignorant means being Black. Even today’s generation is wrestling with this question of identity. Nonetheless,congrats to this young man full of personality and wits. I’m sure he will be making some big news in whatever professional field he goes in.

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