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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are Expecting

Rapper Kanye West and Kim Kardashian recently announced that they are expecting a baby. Don’t worry, this  blog is not aiming to be the next TMZ. The BlackNEK perspective on this is  that I’ve noticed a sudden but subtle shift in star rapper behavior which is pretty noteworthy. Now, current rap songs are still filled with misogynistic lyrics and there are plenty of rappers who celebrate being womanizers still, but for the big stars, there seems to be a move towards long term relationships. Now these relationships are often with other celebrities but still it’s a start. Jay-Z and Beyonce have been together for awhile and already have a child. Popular rapper Wiz Khalif of ‘Black and Yellow’ fame has been with video model and socialite Amber Rose for an extended period as well. You also have the amazing Alicia Keys and rapper Swiss Beats on the long term. Now, I’m not saying this is brand new as rappers Ice-T, Snoop Dog, and Will Smith have been married for quite a while, though I think at this point it’s fair to call these former rappers since they do more acting than anything else. While I have no idea if these current relationships are all about love, media attention, or some twisted combination of the two, it is a good thing for the young men who idolize these entertainers to see that you can be tough and urban and about the streets, but still be in a committed relationship and proudly take on fatherhood responsibilities.

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