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Soccer BlackNEK Takes A Stand – Racist Chants Cause Kevin-Prince Boateng To Walk Off Field

Ghanaian- German soccer player for AC Milan stopped a game against Pro Patria in an italian soccer match by walking off the field when a group of fans started making monkey sounds when he had the ball. Playing in mostly White countries has been a challenge for many Black players, as this http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/01/03/soccer-team-walks-out-on-racist-fans-in-italy/ article highlights some of the recent incidences of racism across Europe.  Many parts of Europe for the most part are still playing catch up to levels of tolerance and humanity already reached by diverse countries.  And the only Black face some of these individuals see on a regular basis is on the soccer field. So, like many sporting events, alcohol plus hatred towards the opposing team in general plus any ethnic differences equals expressions of racial ignorance. I admire these Black players for the bravery of just playing in such challenging situations, but Kevin-Prince Boateng might have just started a bigger movement against racism in the sport. Fans who display or tolerate such behavior shouldn’t get to enjoy soccer games like the rest of the civilized world. Soccer should start first with giving a win to the abused team and then team bans if their fans can’t get it together. There is nothing that works faster then when people are threatened with losing something they love. No matter what the best solution ultimately will be to solve this issue, thank you Kevin-Prince for helping to lead the way to zero tolerance.

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2012 BlackNEK Favorite Moments- Gabrielle Douglas

Gabrielle Douglas became the first African-American to win the Best All Around Olympic gymnastic medal this past summer. She was grace and energy and intelligence and hardwork, packed into a little dynamo. And after her winning performance, the immediate response from within were comments about how she was doing her hair.  Gabby had nothing to worry about because she knew there are many women with great $100 hair styles who have not come near her accomplishments in life.  Her family sacrificed so she could get the training and skills needed to reach the mountain top. While I personally wouldn’t recommend such a financial gamble towards areas of sports and arts with few guarantees of long term financial success, I am glad it worked out for them. Congrats, Gabby, on a fantastic year.


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