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Hood Mothers Video: A Lesson In Ghetto Survival

This video shows a scene recently taking place in downtown Atlanta where a security guard is trying to kick some mothers and their children off of a mall’s property. Things escalated and eventually he had to tase one of them. This just infuriated the crowd and caused more to jump into the conflict. So many thoughts I have from this video that I am seeing Youtube more and more as a saving grace. We can learn as Blackneks what is needed to survive these type of situations ahead of time. Nothing is better than prep.

1) WHAT I ADMIRED ABOUT THE MALL COP: This guy did not panic at all and knew what tools he had available. He was packing a taser and a handgun. I don’t care how big and bad an aggressive person acts, there is nothing like have an armed weapon pointing at them to get them to reconsider their actions. It is so important Blackneks that you learn handgun safety and stay packing. Know the concealed weapons laws in your state. It is getting crazier and crazier out there and sooner or later some of that craziness is going to come to your door step.

2) MALL COP CRITICISM: I wish this guy can get a better job. He was doing what he had to do in a horrible situation. Unfortunately, when dealing with people in lower economic communities, you have to understand how important RESPECT is. It means everything. It affects their social standing. This cop seemed to target everyone when you really have to pick your battles. Unfortunately, because he disrespected so many of these people so publicly, I truly worry about his safety. It’s one thing if you are defending yourself against a random thug. It’s another when you are a target by an entire community. I hope he finds a new place of employment fast.

3)HOW TO DEAL WITH A KIR SITUATION: I will refer to the aggressive individuals seen in this video from this point on in this blog as the ‘Keeping It Realers’ or KIRs. As you can see in this video, KIRs can turn any living area into a war zone. IF you ever visit a city with a low-income community, you are bound to encounter KIRs. Often this might be on a bus or subway or in a store. One of the keys to surviving an encounter with KIRs is to not escalate their aggression. Avoid eye contact but don’t appear timid or fearful. Act like you belong. If a KIR starts to act up directly towards you, it is likely an attempt to impress their friends but could be a planned robbery. Let them express their bravado and remain calm. Stay polite. Especially if it is women involved as they can join together pretty quickly and through being vocal, as seen in the video, attract onlookers and more aggressive male KIRs. Remember,they are looking for any sign of disrespect. At the same time, stay alert and plan your defense in case the KIR desires to make a physical move. KIRs only act big and bad because they either have a weapon or are surrounded by friends and associates. If you have to reveal your weapon in self defense, back the KIR down but then remove yourself from the location/situation before the KIR can set up their attack or get reinforcements. I highly support having a taser as it allows you to make the first strike without it being fatal.

4)NEVER SEND YOUR KID TO A KIR SCHOOL: As you can see in the video, the children were kicked out of the mall for being unruly. Apples don’t fall far from the trees. In a largely KIR community, these are the bulk of the parents. Your child will either be influenced to be like a KIR kid or be the victim of them. If you want to give your kids any kind of chance at all, avoid living in these types of communities at all cost. If you love the city then live somewhere just outside to make weekend trips easy but don’t risk your family to crime and chaos.

5) Thank you Youtube. It is easy for us not to deal with internal issue when others are reporting it, but when we can see the ugliness and disease ourselves, we have no choice but to confront these behaviors and issues and improve.

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ENGAGE: The Wire…death of Prop Joe

Robert F. Chew, who played Proposition Joe, died today in Baltimore. And just like on the show, his death was sudden and surprising. His cool, calm character was one of the many, many favorites I had on The Wire.  This is thought of as one of the greatest showed every produced, and it is certainly in my top 3. When I first saw the show, I didn’t know what I was really watching. I thought a film crew just decided to set up shop in an open drug market as a documentary. The Wire gave us the most realistic view of modern, urban life in America and showed you just how integrated drugs and violence are in communities.  The biggest lesson you can take from the show is that there are no real heroes 100% of the time and everyone is just trying to succeed at the job at hand. They say many of these young Black men that drop out of school to sell drugs aren’t smart, but I challenge any economist or business major from Harvard or Wall Street to master the intricacies of the open drug market and survive like these men and boys have.  These are bright, ambitious minds and the challenge we have going forward is directing them to a greater path. Anyway, thank you Robert F. Chew for being a part of a program which opened the eyes of millions of Americans who only knew of urban violence from crime reports on the news.

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Banks To Pay For Foreclosure Abuses – Importance of Housing

Ten banks have been ordered to pay 8.5 billion dollars to victims of rushed foreclosures with faulty paperwork from 2009 and 2010.  Since this blog started after the worst of the housing crisis, I wanted to touch on it a bit. The reason we got into this crisis to begin with was that mortgage lenders were handing out loans like they were candy, many with non-fixed interest rates which increased each year.  Many of these loans were given to people with poor credit or in circumspect financial situations.

But housing is an absolutely critical topic for BlackNEKs trying to raise a successful family. Where you have your family determines the schools your kids will attend, the friends they will have, and the activities conducted by other adults living in that area. When you move into a highly populated area, such as a large apartment complex or urban community, you are basically gambling with your family’s future. Your hope is that all the families near you are doing a good job of raising their kids and are engaged in positive activities. Even if this was the case for 80% of your neighbors, that 20% will inevitably hurt the quality of life for your family through juvenile delinquency, crime, and blight. Keep in mind that for a dense neighborhood, the poorly raised kid will have frequent interaction with your kid, and this will be either as a bully or a negative role model. Also, as BlackNEKs work towards self-sufficiency and wise use of money, the superficial values of urban life won’t be of any help to your kids. For these reasons, it is of course ideal to raise your family in a low density area such as in suburbs or the country. I think this is so important that if you find yourself living in an urban area, it might be advised to save to move to a better location before starting a family. Once you have lost your kid to the pull of the street life, it is hard to bring them back.

Obviously, there are many factors people consider when deciding where to live and raise a family, such as available transportation to jobs, closeness to relatives, and housing affordability. And though we all want to live some place nicer, we do have to remember to avoid the pulls and snares of loans which seem too good to be true. Better to live humbly within your means than go into major debt. But as best as you can, the BlackNEK should get the best housing in the lowest population density that they can afford which is still near jobs and educational opportunities.


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