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Memorable 2012 BlackNEK Moments – Stacey Dash Gets Blasted For Supporting Romney

I will say from the start that I am a bit biased about this subject, as I have thought Stacey Dash to be one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet and she still is quite stunning.  But Mrs.Dash in the minds of many liberals and Blacks did the most unforgivable of acts; she supported the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during this year’s election race. What was amazing about the reaction once she came out publicly was that it revealed the intense and venomous social pressure Blacks face to be an independent, political thinker. As a woman and African-American, she is not suppose to consider the candidates in the eyes of many. She is not supposed to exercise her right as an American citizen to choose and vote as she sees fit. She is supposed to be purchased and owned by one political party and political leaning for all eternity. Again, this is not a partisan blog but we will fight for the right of people to choose their politics. Here is a sample of the love and kindness tweeted her way:

We never have and never will agree on one political direction for the country. These civil disagreements between passionate Americans are what makes this country so great. But we have to get rid of this political intimidation which says ‘Black=democrat’ and ‘black non-democrat=sell out’.  I was proud of Stacey for making such a public stance and hope she serves as a role model to others to stand for what you believe and celebrate your freedom as an American to do so.

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