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A View of the IRS Scandal You Won’t Read Anywhere Else

You have to love the politics in Washington. Any slip up or sign of blood and the sharks converge without mercy. So, the latest news inside our seat of government involves lower level IRS officials needlessly delaying or deny non-profit tax status to applying groups with conservative sounding names (tea party, patriot, GUNS-GUNS-GUNS). Of course the republican and conservative talking heads are rallying the troops and tying it directly to Obama. At worst, this was a move sanctioned by the White House, though there is zero evidence of this. At best, Obama appears to be too distant to know the chaos happening under his watch.

Well, I’m sorry, conservatives, but there is no grand conspiracy here. The truth of the matter is that a unique set of circumstances led to this pattern of discrimination. No major media outlet will point this out because it isn’t PC but is obvious enough that Blackneks is on the case.  First, you have to understand the demographics of DC. Politics and government is the biggest employer in town. This is what attracted thousands of Blacks from the South looking for good paying jobs with terrific benefits. The draw was so big that the city became known as Chocolate City. Most of the entry and middle level government positions, including those in the IRS, are fill by Black workers. And the large majority of these are democratic voters. Now fast forward to today, where you not only have a democratic president, but the first Black one as well, and you can see how the IRS unofficially became an Obama fan club by default. With the independent power that this branch of government, the bias against those groups with anti-Obama agendas simply was a unique convergence of demographics and history. This was a case of Obama fans with low level power using it to support the Prez without anyone telling them to do so. Sadly, people will be fired over this, and the scandal will cast a shadow over the Obama term, but the President was more of a bystander than a conspirator. A major flaw in how the IRS works has been exposed and should trigger needed reforms, but there is nothing more to the story than that.

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Barak Obama: A New Kind Of Sex Symbol

One of the gossip sites I sometimes visit had a picture of Barak whispering something to Beyonce from the inauguration. Of course the headline encouraged readers to let their imaginations go wild.


And the readers did just that. There were many, many Black women who were making comments saying they wouldn’t blame Beyonce for going after Barak because he was very desirable..okay sexy. I do believe this is a common viewpoint, though certainly not exclusive to Black women either.  What comes out of all this is something remarkable?  I looked at a number of sites listing most attractive or desirable Black men, and all were entertainers (singers, actors) or athletes except for Barak Obama. Without the presidency, Barak would at best be considered handsome in the professor type of handsome but certainly nowhere near anyone’s most desirable or sexy list. There are three ways men tend to become very desirable: fame, wealth, or power.  Of course Obama has the fame but I think he might be the first Black man to be desirable purely on the position of power. The way he is able to command an audience with the power of words while dressing impeccably well and yielding great authority is something new in our culture.

I know I’m thinking big scale, but I think Barak can have a huge impact on our community going beyond his presidency. As more young Black women look at Obama as this handsome, educated, provider who is proud to be there for his kids, what they start seeking in men might improve. Suddenly, having an education, not having your pants down around your knees, knowing how to talk and present yourself, and being responsible might be the type of man being chased instead of Joe Thug with the bling and the rims. And men are funny creatures. We adapt to get the girl. If women raise their standard, men will raise theirs. But as long as young men can act like clowns and be about criminal activities and have a large percentage of women chasing after them, they have no incentive to change.  Maybe this will ultimately be the Hope and Change Obama promised.

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Memorable 2012 BlackNEK Moments – Stacey Dash Gets Blasted For Supporting Romney

I will say from the start that I am a bit biased about this subject, as I have thought Stacey Dash to be one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the planet and she still is quite stunning.  But Mrs.Dash in the minds of many liberals and Blacks did the most unforgivable of acts; she supported the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during this year’s election race. What was amazing about the reaction once she came out publicly was that it revealed the intense and venomous social pressure Blacks face to be an independent, political thinker. As a woman and African-American, she is not suppose to consider the candidates in the eyes of many. She is not supposed to exercise her right as an American citizen to choose and vote as she sees fit. She is supposed to be purchased and owned by one political party and political leaning for all eternity. Again, this is not a partisan blog but we will fight for the right of people to choose their politics. Here is a sample of the love and kindness tweeted her way:

We never have and never will agree on one political direction for the country. These civil disagreements between passionate Americans are what makes this country so great. But we have to get rid of this political intimidation which says ‘Black=democrat’ and ‘black non-democrat=sell out’.  I was proud of Stacey for making such a public stance and hope she serves as a role model to others to stand for what you believe and celebrate your freedom as an American to do so.

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Obama named Time’s Person of the Year

Congrats to Barak Obama for winning Time’s Person of the Year, mainly for winning reelection, reigning in our financial crisis, and being the right president at the right time for our diverse country. We are not a politically sided blog as one of our mission elements is to actually encourage more political diversity and acceptance within the Black community. But we do see Obama as the biggest, most covered BlackNEK in US history. Why? He is a stellar representative of being an excellent father, learner, community supporter, positive citizen, and good provider. Also, with his education, leadership, confidence, and speaking skills, he is showing millions of young black men that you can be a powerful, desirable man without being a street thug or womanizer. Most importantly, as the first Black president of the United States, he has made the Black community have to rethink the idea that you can’t be successful within the system. At the end of the day, Obama’s impact on Black America will be more influential than any other figure.

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